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What is CP3?

CP3 involves the use of mathematical prediction, and statistics to determine the price, predict the need for reserve and liquidity for future obligations and make sure that an insurer is protected against various risks he or she is exposed to. In other words, the role of actuarial science is to make an accurate business prediction and balance financial success with an acceptable level of risk. The use of actuarial science and its principles blinds decisions in the business, especially in insurance and provides a reasonable financial outcome for both business and consumers as the decisions are taken on solid evidence-based on sound calculations and probable future scenarios.

Exam Format

CS1A Theoretical Exam : 3 hours and 20 minutes computer-based exam (Word) CS1B Practical Exam : 1 hour and 50 minutes computer-based exam (Word and R).

CS1A Theoretical Exam : 3 hours and 15 minutes computer-based exam (Word) CS1B Practical Exam : 1 hour and 45 minutes computer-based exam (Word and R).

You must sit A + B papers in the same session.

Akshay Chauhan Founder & Director
Faculty for CS1, CS2, Data Science with R and Bimankik
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Akshay sir is a superb mentor, I have taken actuarial coaching from other teachers...
Mansi Malik Assistant Manager - DHFL Pramerica
The best Actuarial professor today, he has in-depth knowledge of the subjects and guides...
Sneha Poddar Actuarial Analyst - Aon-Hewwit
Akshay is a quality professor for actuarial science . The technique of concept development.
Ankit Chhajer Actuarial Analyst-RR Donnolley