Bimankik (Hindi Name for Actuarial Science) is a parallel course that focuses on the growing needs of Actuarial Aspirants. With this course, you will develop an in-depth understanding of actuarial and statistical concepts from a practical aspect.

With the advent of IFOA Curriculum 2019, the IFOA is baking R Programming in Actuarial Science Course. Therefore, Sankhyiki has taken an initiative to hone the skills of the actuarial aspirants and prepare them for the corporates.

Hence, as a part of Initiative, Sankhyiki is training its actuarial students on Excel, VBA, SQL and R Programming.

Owing to the market scenario for actuarial jobs, we have analyzed that the companies need people who are good in excel because most of the insurance/actuarial firms work on excel and a big opportunity arises if the person is skilled in this particular software.

The companies clearly state that they are looking for people who have knowledge of advanced excel and Macros/VBA. Hence, we have created the curriculum in such a manner that it caters to the need of the actuarial aspirants and most of the learning is accompanied through CAPSTONE PROJECTS which will make the person ready from the day one.

The learnings include Loan Calculators, Data Visualization, Exploratory Data Analysis, Understanding Statistics and Application in the field of Insurance along with Actuarial Case Studies such as Run of Triangles, Computing Cashflows, Running Regression and doing predictions. The list is long…

The key to emerge as a winner in this domain is – Practice and Practice.