• Amruta Pai (Actuarial Science Student, DTH)

    Sir your teaching style is amazing for CT3 . Thank you bring a product like DTH for students like me who can not come to class room sessions . You actual made me believe actuarial studies is not difficult if we have your guidance . Thank you

  • Chandrima Das (Actuarial Science Student, DTH)

    Sir, your DTH files have been a great help.. specially for the students who really want to attend your class in person but are unable to attend it due to many sorts of exigencies. And your teaching style is very good and to-the-point. I really recommend all the working students to avail DTH.

  • Roopali Sethi (Actuarial Science Student, Delhi)

    ''Acturial exam by IAI?
    It's quite tough, isn't it?
    Don't even have nice passing percentage, why not by U.K.?
    Not many people give exams from the Indian society!!
    And then i decided, that if i want to succeed, i didn't want to give my first attempts from an easy society! So i ended up with IAI, wanted something worth to be happy in my hands at the end.
    And i got it!
    Not just one. Cleared two frigging exams in one go, and yes from IAI.
    Thankyouu everyone for the support and sharing my torture, Akshay Chauhan and Ravinder Pal i'm most thankful to you both!
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  • Jayati Pargal (Actuarial Science student, Delhi)

    Great learning experience. The best part is that doubts are well understood and cleared till the very end and provision of video backup classes makes it easier to catch up with the class in case we miss a few classes.

  • Aditya Khanna (Actuarial Science student, Delhi)

    My personal experience with Akshay Sir has been really good. He not only displays enthusiasm for this subject and a desire to share it with his students, but also knows how to modify his teaching strategies as per an individual's understanding, subject matter and learning environment. And this is what propels you

  • Simarpreet Kaur Gandhi(Actuarial Science student, Delhi)

    SANKHYIKI is really cool. From day one, I had no problems regarding any subject. I was already assured of the fact that if I miss any class, ill be given a backup, not many coaching centres assure you this, but SANKHYIKI makes it sure that you attend what you have missed. Adding to this, they are also very peculiar about your doubts, teachers are readily available to help you with any problem you come forth with.

  • Sachi Shah (Actuarial Science Student, DTH)

    "Nothing big will happen in your life, until you build off the many small things" Online support is not just an activity ,it's an investment of valuable time and resources with diversified content material and a perfect online support . I figured out it's one of the best supporting tool from content acumen. With its specific goal of highlighting perfect strategies.It truly provide invaluable insight to learning ,which makes me think a smidge differently about achieving my career goal. And he provided all that support which needed .. Thanks a lot for all your support...

  • Siddhant Goenka(Actuarial Science student,Kolkata)

    Initially when Actuarial Science in Kolkata had very less awareness I being a student in my initial papers was struggling like everyone else with no direction and a sense of understanding of the profession.With Akshay Sir coming into the play and guiding me with papers like CT3,CT6 concepts started to become more clear and results started to show.Since then there has been no looking back apart from a few setbacks which is very common in this field. Apart from explaining and breaking concepts to sound it like a piece of cake,Akshay Sir has always been a moral support and encouraging to see things from a different perspective.He is always motivated and positive that the vibe can always be felt.His is always readily available for any suggestions and help and is always a call away.Definitely one of the top contributors to my sucess till now and will continue to be.Thanks a lot Sir.

  • Ayesha Jain (Actuarial Science student, Delhi)

    As a competitive exam candidate, I believe that the right kind of guidance is the most important aspect of anyone's preparation and I am happy to say that I received the best of both academic and personal guidance from the Akshay sir. To have teachers who truly enjoy teaching and who believe in students when they have difficulty in believing in themselves was my biggest source of strength during this journey. Though I had joined very late, I never felt that I was lacking behind in the class. All thanks to the timely excellent backup classes. We completed the course well in time and had enough time for solving past years' papers and whatever doubts that came up. Thank you sir for the constant motivation to strive for our goal.

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