9. Exemptions

You may be eligible for an exemption if you have:

  • A. Graduated from a university course that the IFoA has an accreditation or exemption agreement with
  • B. Exam passes/exemptions from some other international actuarial associations
  • C. A qualification from another professional body that we have an agreement with
  • D. Graduated with an actuarial or numerate degree which covered the majority of the syllabuses of the relevant IFoA exam(s)
  • E. Completed a postgraduate thesis or an MBA on an actuarial or financial subject

  • More details on the IFoA and IAI ::
  • IFoA
  • IAI

Although there is no rule as to which one to start with (unless you are planning to take an exam as a non-member, in which case you can only go for CT3), the exam you do will take first will most probably be a Core Technical exam and one of the ones mentioned above.