Mr Akshay Chauhan has created a name for himself through years of teaching and a long list of happy and successful students to be proud of. His classes are perfectly paced, doubt classes are in plenty and his “Always ready to help” attitude makes his students find him very approachable and helpful. His strong background in Statistics makes him the preferred coach for Statistics intensive Core Technical Modules like CT3, CT4 and CT6.

His prior experience as a Process Developer(Actuarial) in the industry also allows him to offer real-world examples to his students, to broaden their understanding of actuarial concepts. Brilliant at strategy, he helps students plan their study in a manner that increases their chance at clearing exams while ensuring that they understand and effectively retain core concepts.

Akshay sir started studying towards actuarial exams at a time when help was scarce and few people knew about the qualification. His own hard work and determination allowed him to clear exams but he felt a sincere need to help those who needed support with their study. He hence started teaching and having accumulated much teaching experience over time, became a career ambassador with the “Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK”.

He has since been working enthusiastically towards spreading awareness about the profession and guiding students through their study. He now teaches in multiple cities and also coaches as a Corporate Trainer at a leading Multi-National Actuarial firm. His networking skills have not only allowed him to become a corporate trainer but to also recommend students for roles at such organizations.


Statistics (CT3, CT4 and CT6 )

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